Sarah Orgar

How many years have you been involved with the Truck Convoy?

Over 10 years now!

How did you first get involved with the Truck Convoy?

One of my Special Olympics basketball team members told my parents about the Convoy. The first year my family and I went we missed seeing the trucks leave but caught the trucks when they returned. We loved the atmosphere! We came back every year after that.

What has kept you involved in the Truck Convoy to this day?

I like meeting the truckers, getting to ride in the big rigs and pulling the string to sound the horn. I also enjoying volunteering and helping out at the event.

What does Special Olympics mean to you?

Friendship, sport participation and a chance to compete.

What are some of your favourite memories of the Truck Convoy?

Meeting my first driver, Edith. I drove with Edith for a couple of years. One year her truck broke down right after leaving the fair grounds. Everyone lifted my spirits and made sure I was still able to get to ride in the Convoy in a tow truck – it was fun!

A few more fond memories:

The year I was able to help pull the big truck.

Meeting Dr. Frank Hayden and his wife Marion – that was a special moment.

There are many great memories from the Truck Convoy! I really enjoy meeting new drivers every year. They are all so nice.

Why should others get involved with the Truck Convoy?

For supporters – you’re helping athletes like myself to be the best version of myself through Special Olympics. For athletes – it is a chance to thank the drivers for all that they do every day, still supporting Special Olympics and a chance to meet new people.